Coming Soon! NACDD Guide for Operationalizing DSMES in Medicaid

To expand Medicaid coverage for Diabetes Self-Management, Education and Support (DSMES), NACDD, ChangeLab Solutions, and CDC are developing a guide that walks readers through the steps required to make Medicaid coverage a reality for DSMES. The guide will examine strategies for supporting State Health Department and Medicaid agency staff in their efforts to increase coverage and utilization of DSMES services in their states. For states that now have Medicaid coverage of DSMES, this document will offer additional information on increasing utilization of the DSMES benefit. It will also provide stakeholders with information and resources to help promote the expansion of Medicaid coverage of DSMES services. 

Specifically, the guide provides: (1) an overview of DSMES services; (2) the landscape of Medicaid coverage for DSMES; (3) pathways to Medicaid coverage of DSMES; (4) a summary of how to make the case for coverage and steps stakeholders can take to expand Medicaid coverage of DSMES; and (5) suggestions about how to address the challenge of low utilization rates for DSMES.

Stakeholders will find of particular use practical information about pathways to coverage through state law, administrative code, or budget documents. In addition to explaining the coverage mechanisms, the guide also walks readers through a hands-on, five-step process for expanding Medicaid coverage. Look for a link to the guide coming soon!

For more information, please contact Kelly McCracken at or Trish Herrmann at

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