NACDD Contributes to Journal Supplement on Cancer Prevention During Early Adulthood

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine supplement, “Opportunities for Cancer Prevention During Early Adulthood” includes a paper summarizing highlights and themes from an expert meeting co-hosted by CDC and NACDD, titled “Cancer Prevention During Early Adulthood: Highlights From a Meeting of Experts.” Contributors to the paper and the meeting include NACDD consultants Leslie Best, Frank Bright and Randy Schwartz as well as meeting facilitator Bill Benson of Health Benefits ABCs. In 2015, CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control formed a partnership with NACDD to identify opportunities for cancer prevention during early adulthood, defined as persons roughly  18 to 44 years of age. One goal of the project was to convene a two-day in person meeting with an interdisciplinary group of invited experts and CDC staff to discuss opportunities for cancer prevention during early adulthood. The meeting, held in April 2016, covered topics such as alcohol use, circadian rhythm disruption, endocrine disrupting chemicals, life transitions, stress, health literacy, health communications, physical activity, mental illness and cancer prevention in the context of incarcerated populations. NACDD also presented the preliminary results of a literature review of 158 articles related to 15 cancer risk-related factors that are relevant during early adulthood. The collection of papers in the AJPM supplement expands upon the discussions that took place at the meeting.

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