Expanding the Reach of AAEBIs Through a Partnership with the Illinois Physical Therapy Foundation

NACDD began a partnership with the Illinois Physical Therapy Foundation (IPTF) in the fall of 2017 to deliver the arthritis appropriate evidence-based intervention (AAEBI) Walk With Ease (WWE) through clinic and community partners. WWE is a physical activity program that reduces arthritis pain and improves overall health. WWE appealed to IPTF’s clinic partners because it is evidence-based and easy to implement. A year into the project, IPTF and its 22 partner clinics had informed more than 5,500 people about WWE, distributed 600 WWE guide books, and enrolled nearly 300 people in the program–about 88% of whom completed it. As IPTF looks to continue its efforts, their initial experience suggests ways that organizations like theirs can act as “hubs” for sustainability–such as fostering a learning community among their peers and growing a library of tips, tools, and lessons learned. For more information on this project, contact Heather Murphy at hmurphy@chronicdisease.org.