Diabetes Prevention is for Everyone

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the rate of diabetes cases in the United States has nearly tripled over the past twenty years, particularly as the population ages and more adults become overweight or obese. What is often not highlighted is the number of adults at the highest risk for having type II diabetes, a condition also known as pre-diabetes. Approximately 84 million Americans have pre-diabetes, and most are not aware they have it.

In the United States, people with disability make up approximately 25% of the total population. According to CDC, adults with disabilities experience a rate of diabetes more than double that of adults without disability (16.3% vs. 7.2%). Adults with disability also experience higher rates of obesity, hypertension and physical inactivity.

To raise awareness about diabetes, disability and healthy living, NACDD has partnered with the Lakeshore Foundation on committing to inclusion and to raising awareness that diabetes prevention is for everyone on Diabetes Alert Day, March 26.

“We are an association that believes in broad and equitable access to evidence-based programs and services,” said NACCD CEO John Robitscher. “To be inclusive is in our nature and our disability work helps ensure that our programs are proactive and culturally relevant. We encourage all our partners to celebrate Diabetes Alert Day on March 26 by raising awareness that diabetes prevention is for everyone.”

Disability and diabetes do not discriminate. Spread the word and learn more at committoinclusion.org/pushforyourhealth and via social media #Push4YourHealth.

To learn more about prediabetes and diabetes prevention programs, visit doihaveprediabetes.org.

For more information, contact Alice Jaglowski at ajaglowski@chronicdisease.org.

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