Trump Administration Vaping Ban

On January 2, 2020, the Trump Administration announced a partial ban on flavored e-cigarettes. The ban applies to flavored e-cigarettes that use cartridges but does not include “open tank e-cigarettes” that are often sold in vape shops. The ban also exempts menthol and tobacco flavored products.

The ban falls short of earlier signals from the administration that indicated the Department of Health and Human Services would ban all flavors, except tobacco. The Trump Administration has said that the ban was scaled back due to concerns about job losses and other negative effects that a total ban might have on the vaping industry. In addition, administration officials have justified continuing to allow menthol products because research has shown that while mint flavored products are very popular with youth users, menthol products are not. Public health experts have expressed concerns that if menthol products continue to stay on the market youth e-cigarette users will substitute menthol products once the popular mint-flavored pods are no longer available.

After the announcement, NACDD put out a statement calling for stronger action by the Food and Drug Administration and a full ban on flavored e-cigarettes.

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