COVID-19 predictive model estimates hospital bed and ICU utilization over time

Leavitt Partners has developed a COVID-19 burden model to estimate hospital bed and ICU utilization over time due to COVID-19. This model has informed our thinking as we’ve engaged with other health care stakeholders and state governments to develop a color-coded guidance framework for businesses and the general public to observe during the spread of COVID-19. Our work in this space is ongoing, and we have been retained by stakeholders ranging from Governors to other national entities (providers, payers, and foundations) to provide this perspective. View the COVID-19 predictive model.

Read Leavitt Partner’s recent white paper referencing state-by-state estimates on using the predictive model to flatten the curve of the pandemic.

For more information, including to set up a conversation with Leavitt Partners on how to use this model at the state level and in conversations with policymakers, please contact Alan Hanson.

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