NACDD Congratulates Dr. Ruth Petersen

From the Government Affairs forum:

NACDD is pleased to announce the selection of Ruth Petersen, MD, MPA, as Director, Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity. Dr. Petersen brings a breadth of experience and leadership from her 26-year career in multiple health settings, including local and state health departments, national advisory groups, universities, the private sector, and global health platforms.

Dr. Petersen is a board-certified physician in preventive medicine, with training and experience in patient care, health system change, disease prevention, policy development and community engagement. Her broad, deep and diverse experience with populations and partners and stakeholders are strong assets for leading DNPAO in its focused efforts to prevent chronic diseases through population-wide public health initiatives and health system innovations.

Dr. Petersen received her MD and MPH from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After training in obstetrics and gynecology in Rochester, New York, she completed the UNC Preventive Medicine Residency and a post-doctoral fellowship in health services research. Throughout her career, she has drawn on this expertise to develop and guide research, policy, and programs to improve health behaviors and reduce chronic disease. Her training and experience will help ensure our center’s success in advancing healthy environments, working at the intersection of public health and health care and building community-clinical linkages.

Dr. Petersen comes from North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services, where she led the Division of Public Health’s Chronic Disease and Injury unit. She has forged a deep network there of partnerships with communities, local health departments, clinical care systems and other state-wide partners. Her exemplary leadership of the state’s programs supporting CDC’s Communities Putting Prevention to Work, Community Transformation Grants, and Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion demonstrates her skill in working collaboratively across program areas, with a focus on policy, systems and environmental improvements. Similarly, at the national level, she has made significant contributions through her leadership on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Petersen to her new position in NCCDPHP.