Leadership Basics Series: Succession Planning – Learn

Listen to the narrated slideshow.

Reflection and activities: Once you have listened to the narrated slideshow, please complete one or both of the activities below.

Stretch Assignment: If you are a supervisor, consider developing a stretch assignment for someone you supervise.

  • Ask the individual to complete the NACDD Chronic Disease competencies assessment – https://chronicdisease.org/page/competencies
    • Discuss desired/needed areas of growth
    • Align on skill and knowledge gaps to be addressed by the stretch assignment
    • Identify a low risk opportunity to work with (e.g., turning around a struggling project, organizing and leading a meeting, optimizing an inefficient process)
    • Scope out the assignment (i.e., task description, objectives, success metrics, feedback loop)
    • Evaluate and identify any areas for improvement

Mentoring Circles

  • Identify a topic of interest (e.g., improving health equity, addressing root causes)
    • What are the key objectives of this mentoring group? (e.g., increase capacity, expand areas of expertise)
  • Identify participants (internal and external, if appropriate)
  • Convene the first meeting and develop “rules” of engagement regarding entrance/exit, frequency, length, topic selection, and format – e.g., subject matter expert presentation, brown bag, journal article discussion
  • Align on how the group will incorporate solutions/learnings/identified best practices into workflow

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