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Read: Exerting Influence without Authority available at https://hbr.org/2008/02/exerting-influence-without-aut

Listen to an interview with Dr. Jeanne Alongi, Director of Public Health Practice, NACDD

Reflection questions

Take a moment to think about how you will apply the ideas of influencing without authority in your own work by reflecting on the following questions. Answer the following based on a specific stakeholder relationship or partnership where you do not have official authority.

  • What are the relationship dynamics that exist currently between you and the otherperson or within the broader partner group? How established is the relationship?
  • How did you build this stakeholder relationships or partnership? How have you you builtbuy-in on a particular issue with this person or group? What is working well about yourcurrent approach? Conversely, how could you improve your approach?
  • How do the perspectives and goals vary between individuals or within the broaderpartner group? What key priorities does everyone want to achieve?
  • What types of activities or actions would bemutually beneficial to both or all parties?
  • What are some of the key methods and strategies for influencing without authority thatyou could apply to this situation in your own work?

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