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Who We Are

The Arthritis Council is comprised of program managers and staff of arthritis programs and projects in state health departments around the country, as well as partnering agencies that support the work of programs and projects. 
Click HERE for a list of the CDC State Arthritis Program contact information.
What We Do
  • Provide a forum for managers and their staff to come together to share their wisdom, experience, successes, and lessons learned in an effort to make their work more efficient and more effective.
  • Develop necessary training, communication, and partnerships to enable program managers to better meet the challenges of their job.
  • Provide a national voice for state health departments to address arthritis and related diseases.
  • Increase professional development for state program staff.
  • Represent the needs of those with Arthritis and other rheumatic conditions, through the state Arthritis Programs, to the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors.
  • Link state/territorial/tribal program directors/coordinators, and others in a national forum to act collectively in the promotion of Arthritis Health.
  • Exchange ideas, strategies, materials, and policies and procedures to improve and enhance comprehensive public health programs/policies for Arthritis diseases and their risk factors.
  • Advocate for legislation, policies and programs to reduce the burden of Arthritis diseases and their risk factors.
  • Provide comments and recommendations to federal agencies and the membership on issues for which comment has been solicited or for which the Council feels comments are required.
  • Provide leadership and develop partnerships with affiliates, private and public associations and industry to catalyze promotion of Arthritis Health.
Who Should Join Us

State health department staff who work in arthritis programs and projects.

Arthritis Council Operating Guidelines


Council Leadership 2019-2020
Scot Foster (NH)      
Council Chair                    

Melissa VanderVos Dale (MT)    Amy Michael (MN)  Melicent Miller (VA)
At-large Member                         At-large Member                   At-large Member
Lainey Faulkner (KS)
At-large Member

Contact Us
Heather Murphy, Council Consultant
Phone: 850-228-0028

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